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Virtual Private Servers


Free OS Setup & Config

Setup and config Linux based distributions e.g Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian

Control panels

Free Control Panel Install

Install open source & commercial hosting control panel e.g cPanel, Plesk, ISP Config


Free Migration & Support

We migrate your data and provide free technical support at all times

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  • RAM

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Features Included

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Increased performance

Our VPS servers are powered by AMD and Intel next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient infrastructure, to meet your needs.

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Dedicated Environment

You can use all of your hardware resources for hosting websites or business applications. You can manage your web projects in a server environment that is scaled to suit your usage.


Heavy App and Email

Allows multiple processes to take place without slowing down your website. Also enjoy no limits on outgoing (no spam allowed) emails per hour or per domain.

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Security and Free SSL

We monitor your network around-the-clock using advanced DDoS protection. Plus, we’re adding a free SSL certificate with a dedicated IP including firewall.

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Simplicity and Independence

With our VPS solutions, you do not need to worry about hardware constraints (upgrading components, technical faults, etc.) but you still get full control over your virtual server.



Our VPS solutions are perfect for business applications in a production environment. Our infrastructure offers minimal latency for your services and hardware availability.

Related Answers

Short for a Virtual Private Server, a VPS refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple ones. Since each VPS features its own Operating System (OS), it receives a specific share of resources from one physical server so they are isolated, unable to interfere, and can be separately rebooted.

Ideal for web developers, bloggers, resellers and e-commerce owners, we offer affordable VPS plans with top security, flexibility if & when your business scales in size. Full control over hosting environment. Fully managed and free technical support for your VPS.

VPS Hosting answers any issue of scalability and limited resources. A VPS is more powerful than Shared Hosting, where you still technically “share” the server with others but you have more control over how you use the virtual space. A VPS server price is more expensive than Shared Hosting. A VPS host is similar to a Dedicated Server but the resources are allocated between individual websites. Although it’s the most expensive option, Dedicated Server Hosting gives you sole access to all the resources available.

First, consider the resources you’ll need (e.g., control panel and types of support) to manage your VPS. If you’re moving over an existing site, think about the reasons you’re switching to a VPS (site is running slow, visitors are receiving 404 errors during heavy traffic times, low on storage, etc.). Also, look your existing site’s data usage to determine what resources (CPU, RAM and storage) you’ll need to get it running at top speed. Another advantage to a VPS is if you need more resources later, we make it easy to upgrade. Next, look for plans that include backups and restore capabilities as well as server monitoring tools.

Finally, if you’re new to VPS or don’t have the time to manage & maintain your server, consider Fully Managed VPS. This service includes a dedicated team of experts available to setup, monitor and remediate server issues and maintain and optimize your server.

Because you are in control of everything on your server, there is no limit.

Definitely. Our VPS hosting platform is scalable. It allows you to add more RAM to your existing plan or upgrade your plan to higher CPU, RAM and storage.

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