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Backup Methods

nWeb Host backup methods.

In the event of an unexpected failure or malware attack, forget having to rebuild your website from scratch or dealing with outdated backups. Auto backup keeps your website data safe, sound, and automatically backed up.

Amazon S3 is reliable cloud storage provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Files are stored as objects in Amazon S3 buckets. This storage is widely used to store data backups due to the high reliability of Amazon S3.

We kept data backup in 3 locations – Amazon S3 Middle East data center, Server (US, EU, SG/AU) default backup directory, local NOC. Not only do all your websites get backed up, but also your account files, databases, email accounts, settings, and more. The scheduling and retention (daily, weekly, monthly or occasionally) for incremental backup process is customer’s choice as standard or premium. To prevent data loss we practice both backup methods automatic and physical.