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Features Included

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Magento Cache Technologies

Advanced cache technologies are used to improve Magento stores’ performance and decrease the page load time. Our advanced cache methods ensure the excellent performance.

Magento 2

Magento Premium Template

We are providing clean designed and search engine friendly featured premium template with your Magento hosting package free of cost to gain million-trillion revenue. FREE SETUP

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Magento Migration

You shouldn’t have to work hard to migrate your website, emails, databases, etc. That’s our job. Get free migrations, managed by experienced, dedicated professionals.

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Magento Store & Server Security

Online security is a key concern for all business owners and customers alike. We always try to follow best practices to implement Magento store and server configuration.

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Magento Managed Backup

Backups protect against human errors, hardware failure, virus attacks, power failure, and natural disasters, etc. We accomplish auto/manual backups as per your business requirements.

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Magento Server Scalability

When selecting a solution for the best hosting for Magento, it is always good to look to the future. nWeb’s fast and easy server scalability for your business essentials.

Related Answers

The Magento ecommerce platform (now referred to as Adobe Commerce) is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of retailers, developers, designers, conferences, and hosting providers. Like all online ecommerce ecosystems, Magento is constantly evolving. This means it can be difficult for ecommerce newcomers to get to know all the elements of Magento and the role they play in building a successful online business using the platform.

As an advanced ecommerce platform, Magento enables entrepreneurs or business owners to create and launch a robust online store. Merchants gain access to an enhanced shopping cart and control over their web store's design, functionality, and user experience within the Magento ecosystem. Merchants can also use built-in tools within Magento to create impactful marketing campaigns, optimize content for search engines, enhance customer service, and manage product catalogs.

Managed Magento hosting is when we optimizes, manages, and assists with server and Magento software. It allows you to focus on business and frontend development, instead of administrative tasks.  Managed Magento hosting is perfect for growing ecommerce businesses without IT staff support.

Yes, we will install and configuration Magento core, extensions and premium templates including sample data. You can choose our premium templates CLICK HERE.

If you're looking for a professional ecommerce platform, we have both the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed. We know Magento better than any other host. We are providing premium template free of cost also setup and configuration everything you needs e.g. Magento commerce core, necessary extensions and template.

It can be both cloud-based and physical server-based depending on your needs. Our Million plan runs on VPS and Billion plan runs on Cloud server. Trillion plan runs on Dedicated server.

Magento Premium Templates

Free with every Magento Web Hosting